Sammy Playford and Sarahsson_ performing live in the woods.

For the residency with Pink Sands Studio, Sammy Playford is going to see if she can make some use of her love of cryptozoology podcasts. She works full-time for a delivery company, a job she feels at best ambivalent towards, and at worst just hates, but the depressing mantra of our times is a hard one to shake: ‘at least you have a job’. So she listens to podcasts to escape, and roots for Bigfoots, merfolk, faeries, Goblins and The Greys as they seem to evade all attempts at capture. Despite her own embarrassment about the topic, she has been writing around her consumption of these podcasts and their respective hunts. From all this material she has formed a long poem during the residency, and is currently working with us towards a publication for later this year. 

During the HYPERTEXT book fair in Nov 2020 Sammy performed her poem live from local woodland with friend and musician sarahsson_ 

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